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Artist Profile

Tomorrow and Today aims to promote the work of great artists and designers in London and connect them with new collectors and art lovers. We're beginning a series of artist profiles to get to know the creative community, using the concept of interconnected networks.


A while back I saw an exhibition at the Barbican called "Intervals". The artist Ayse Erkmen installed large-scale printed screens at various points along a curving gallery. The screens are mechanically lifted and lowered very slowly so that the viewer literally stops for up to a minute in order to continue walking through the gallery. An exercise in patience, but something happens when self-imposed time constraints are lifted - you can experience the artwork a bit more.


Erkmen's work reveals the history of set design as you are transferred from one historical panel to the other. She describes the work as, "Bringing together different times, places, perspectives and surfaces, all suggesting shifts in the space we occupy as viewers. The cloths simultaneously locate and displace us, suggesting metaphors of orientation or getting lost."


This installation plays with the activation of objects in space; the activation of "place".


Similarly, my intention with Tomorrow and Today is to engage viewers by playing with time and spatial qualities in the digital experience. The project will introduce people to new artists in the context of place by collapsing time: what artists lived there, what are they doing there now, and what will they do in the future, and collapsing space: seeing the location on a map, being right in front of the place, then diving deeper into the historical, personal and cultural meanings.


Conveying the creative life of a community is like capturing the poetry of the urban landscape. We would like to get to the heart of where local artists create, and begin to reveal the universe of creativity that makes up their life and work. At the same time we're introducing new visitors and residents to people, places and things that they may not have known otherwise.


Maybe having more long-form profiles will help people to pause and experience the creativity happening in London better. In the process I think we’ll find that the networks of inspiration and creative work are much more connected than we think.


How it Works


1. Starting with an artist profile on the blog, tell us about your process and inspirations, which could include a book that’s inspired you, a film, song or opera, an oil painting, your favourite street or maybe your studio.

2. You give us three recommendations for great artists and designers in London that you think deserve more recognition, and three more recommendations for organisations, places, non-profits, gallery venues, and hidden spaces that are providing support to your artistic community.

3. We’ll use these recommendations to choose the next artist or organisation to write our next profile, and the cycle continues...


Thank you for your time.



Liz Pizzuti,  Founder